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A Bit About Me

My name is Britt and I have made it my life's work to inspire people to move better and eat well through education and discussion in research and scripture. By God's grace, I have been equipped with practical experience and knowledge to make this happen! And the good new is - learning is a life-long process - so I'm still movin'!

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where I played softball for three years. During this time, I joined the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program that taught me about conducting research, guided me through a research project, and helped me get into graduate school. After graduation, I attended the University of Delaware for my Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, and then went south to Florida State University for my PhD in Exercise Physiology and Performance Nutrition. I was hooked! At FSU, I found my passion in research involving the effect of exercise on metabolism in female populations, and therefore, I accepted my current Postdoctoral Fellowship position at the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center to study the effect of exercise during pregnancy on mom and baby metabolism. 

Since beginning my education and research career, I have published several scientific articles, co-wrote a book chapter, and presented my research all across the United States. Because I saw a real need to make science easily accessible to the general population and easy-to-read - and because I feel that research doesn’t matter if it doesn’t affect change - I started to write for several media publications (such as SHAPE magazine, Tallahassee Democrat, etc.). And on top of that, I helped my home church grow a health ministry dedicated to providing fitness and nutrition classes free-of-charge.

I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM), a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), and a Certified Sports Nutritionist (ISSN) – which basically means that I can teach fitness and nutrition to just about anyone! On the side, I am also an exercise and nutritional consultant. I have been a fitness coach at OrangeTheory Fitness for about six years, and I have also taught yoga. But I have many, many prior years of experience teaching an entire spectrum of fitness classes, including hot yoga, kids yoga, women’s kickboxing, high and low impact interval training, personal training, home fitness, boot camp, corporate fitness and wellness, Les Mills Body Pump, and TRX. Currently I am the Head Coach of OrangeTheory Fitness Little Rock Midtown, and the new Senior Innovative Scientist for Breakout Lifestyle Fitness - a new gym in Little Rock focusing on combining fitness and research.

Outside of all of this, I enjoy anything that gets me moving like yoga, hiking, lifting weights, working out, and walking. I have three sisters – Abby, Melissa, and Jamie – and two pups – Reginald (a.k.a. Reggie Boy) and Truffles (a.k.a. Truffle Butta).

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